Tuesday, August 12, 2008


16th August, coming Saturday, is an auspicious day that stands as a festival dedicated to brothers and sisters who share the special bond of love and protection. Raksha Bandhan usually known as Rakhi means a bond of protection. It is a day marked for all those brothers and sisters who fight a lot but yet can’t live without fighting with each other; and in that fight somewhere is a special tie of unconditional love and respect.

Fighting is a part of a brother-sister relationship. Ask your brother what he loves to do the most and his reply will be “pulling my sister’s hair” (My Brother sometimes irritates me and my sister by pulling our hairs)!! Who are those two people running around the house chasing each other? The answer is bro-sis. They fight a lot not because they hate each other, but because they are inseparable.

I have a brother with whom I’ve fought a lot when I was a little kid (even now I fight with him), how about you all? How often do you guys fight with your siblings and who wins at last? On what topics do you fight Huh?

And, how about this Raksha Bandhan? Any gifts you’ve thought so far?Make sure you make your Raksha Bandhan special with loads of loving coming our way too! Let that Rakhi not just be a simple thread but let it be a thread full of affection, blessing and of course, love.